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A Collection of Chapter Stories!
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Weekly Feature!

My weekly features are currently down until further notice. Don't let that stop you from suggesting people, though! They'll be at the top of my list when I have the time to get it back up and running! Thank you!

My Lastest Deviation

Strangely Beautiful, Chapter 10That night went by really fast. I rode home with Mom in silence. She seemed mad, furious in fact, but I was too afraid to ask why. Sleep wasn't easy to come by, either. I was still awake at three a.m. Maybe it was the anxiety of starting over in a new school. Or maybe I was just hiding the actual reason because I was actually afraid to face it. I knew Analee wouldn't be happy with me. Regardless, I got through the night somehow and woke up just in time to get ready for school.
"You might wanna wait a minute or two." Analee smiles at me, stepping out into the hallway in nothing but a towel. That would take some getting used to. I did as she said, standing in the hall. The floorboards creek behind her, all the way to our room as she shuts the door. After a few minutes, I enter the bathroom. I turn the shower on and dip my head in. I had already had a shower last night, so all I really needed to do was fix my bedhead. I spent about 20 minutes brushing, blow-drying and straightening my hai

Chapter 10 of Strangely Beautiful! Or as CelestialMemories and RayneHaos have been calling it, Sensual Banana.

It's my first romance story and I really hope that someone is enjoying it besides me! It's really fun to write! Who knew expanding my horizons would be fun!?

Anyway, Strangely Beautiful or Sensual Banana, whatever you decide to call it, is about a girl named Violet whose Mom has forced her to move from big city Richmond, CA all the way to small town Avera, GA after attempting suicide. If you'd like to read it, here is the first chapter:

Series Unknown

A long while ago, me and my best friend, CelestialMemories created a group! Series-Unknown Though she's done most of the work, I get involved as much as I can. We've started a monthly challenge!

This group is for you writers out there! Ones who write really long stories and/or chapter works! We plan to have several contests and challenges when we get in working order, so come check us out! We'd love to have you in our group!

This month's Fiction Writing Exercise

Sell Your Story

Here's the scene, you have been invited to pitch your story, any story, to the top Publishing Companies in the world. They wanna hear what you're writing about/what you will write about. It's time to bring your A-Game and show them what you can write!

In 100-200 words, pitch your story/plot idea in the best possible way you can. This does not have to be a story that you are currently writing, it could just be an idea that has been lingering in your head.

Please :note: the group (Series-Unknown) with this FWE as this exercise will be a little different.

In the last week of April, the admins will be posting the entries in their journals anonymously and readers of the journals will vote on the winner. Please do not put the title in your entry just in case people might recognize your book and vote for it on favoritism.

On May 1st the winner will be announced!

The winner of this FWE will receive a 3 month Premium Membership

NOTE: Please do not notify your +WATCHers of the vote when journals are released, through the mention system if I see an announcement asking for your watchers to vote for you, the entry will be disqualified. You are welcome to invite your +WATCHers to join without mentioning which entry is yours.

Channel your inner Anthony Sullivan or Billy Mays and get to pitching!

STORY TIME! <s>shameless self-advertising</s> 

1 deviant said :iconraynehaos: is writing the sequel to Raining Blood
No deviants said It's pretty easy to follow, even if you haven't read the 1st book!
No deviants said Give her a watch, llama, or just read the prologue! Every view means so much to us!
No deviants said End of shameless self-advertising


DeviantART Compliments #133

Sat Sep 13, 2014, 6:02 PM

dA Compliments

10 more compliments sent in by wonderful members of the community!

:iconflyingheartsplz: :icondacompliments: :iconflyingheartsplz:

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@fishy--alien CAUTIONCORROSIVE Tec-Sabi
from what i've noticed out of you three strangers is how much you've all been improving! i'm so very proud of you! i'm sorry that i don't comment a lot, but i smile every time i see your work pop up in my inbox because i can see all that effort you put into your pieces to make them great. and they are great! so, keep up the good work, all of you! <3

such exceptional artwork.. i can see in every piece how you pour your heart into them as you paint. never, ever stop drawing, okay? even if you fall into the deepest artblock pit.. you have too truly beautiful art to give up, even if you think your stuff is bad.. know that it isn't, there are many of us who deeply appreciate your art. take me for example!i am just absolutely in love with your watercolors xoxox

beautiful gorgeous art!! you are going places some day xoxo

don't let people get you down. you are totally amazing person!

I know I've known you for about 5 months now, and of all the people I've met on dA, you have had the most profound positive impact on my life. You are the part of me I can't replace, the memory I can't erase. So, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you so much. And remember, keep being yourself and never back down.

Sincerely, StormAlchemist15 AKA Alphonse Elric.

KleinerKiller, an absolute inspiration, as an author and as a friend. With both a morbid sense of humor and personality to boot, this deviant is someone who makes others (at least in my case) strive to do better with their own art, and hope to attract and touch as many lives as they themselves have someday.
Not only is this person's art something I'd recommend everyone and their brother's uncle cherish and read, but their life, humor, personality, and friendship should be valued just as much by those who get to share it with them, and...Honestly there's just not enough positive things I can say about this person. Just keep being you. :heart:

Between the cheesy and the legitimate hilarious puns, lines, and punches; to the heartfelt and down right dark moments; this fellow has it all and plenty to spare in the talent department. Rest assured that the hilarity and the deep moments aren't all that there is to this person, though; the friendships formed between this deviant and others are indescribable in terms of worth, and the loyalty and care given is unmatchable.
The best part about this deviant, though, is his ability to make you smile at any moment, if you give him a chance to. His humor is original, generally, and presented in a way that allows maximum impact to the funny bone; even the hardest of soldiers have given a giggle or two to his antics.
There's no end to the great things about this deviant, and he's destined for great things someday, I'm sure of it. :heart:

Zolunerro Both an avid cartoonist and friend, he's always open for a nice conversation. His work is done devotedly, when he has the time to, and there's always something to make you smile on his page. If there's ever a person I'd drop by and chat it up with, It'd be him. :)

One of the sweetest, most talented, and supportive artist in my list of people who deserve a pat on the back, is this person. Right here. Many times this person's brightened the lives of many others, both her watchers and those she watches, and many times this person's been there for those who needed them most. Art wise, this artist is guilty of making their chibi's adorable to an illegal degree; the amount of sheer wanting to cuddle them to bits will take you over.

This person here.
This person, man.

Even though I'm not a close friend with them, they deserve a shout out. Their jokes and comments always draw a smile on my face, and their artwork is something I'd brag about. :) I'm glad to know them.

A sweet, funny, and happy go lucky person that I'm honored to know. :) Love your artwork, and your personality. PLEASE don't ever stop being who you are, because who you are is beautiful in my eyes. Both your good and bad sides. :heart:

An absolute blessing to the LGBT community, and to those lucky enough to be called a friend. Original, funny, and open minded; this person's just...A joy. I'm lucky to know them. :)

Like everyone, she has her pet peeves. But she's a good person at her heart, and she's a valuable friend that deserves to be cherished. She's always there for you if you need her, and will rip the truth from you like a lion out of a zebra if you won't tell her what's bothering you. A sweet person through and through, and an avid, devoted, artist at that. :heart:

If ever there was someone worth knowing, it'd be this person, for sure.
An artist who's work is either sweet, sad, or a mixture of the two; and with a talent for brightening peoples days; a friend who's always there for you, willing to have a serious discussion about the complexities of screaming at grass, or about life's cruel hand...And someone who'll make you smile simply because they're doing it.
They're truly a beautiful person and a blessing, both their sweet sides, and their dark sides.
And we all love you for you, whichever "you" that is. :heart:

chromeantennae I know you get lots of compliments but gosh-darn, dude, you're just wonderful. So much love to you, Ricky.

To Blonde-and-Red,
The greatest duo ever formed (maybe comparable only to Batman and Robin). You guys are always very optimistic when giving feedback to other artists, always very welcoming to everyone, and to that I salute you. :salute:

LadyBitterblue is one of the sweetest and most talented people I know. She's always there to spread light, love, smiles, and sunshine, and I'm so lucky to have her as a friend! It's an honor to inspire you and I want to thank you for being so sweet to me <333333333333 You are AMAZING and every time I talk to you I get the biggest smile on my face! You have abundant talent and generosity and I want to thank you for sharing that with me and inspiring me to dream big. ♥- Pea

Dear SparkleFox789 , Redshy-Harmony , MyLittlePony5 , newflutterpie And My Other Close Friends,I Am So Happy That Your Here, If I Never Found You Guys And Had You As Friends,I Wouldn't Be The "Sempai" You Know,So It's You Guys That Got Me Here,And I Wanted To Get You To Were You Are Too.~ Hugger-Luver

Luna950 and CoolMDrawings are amazing people.

Dear Keri-tan,
I remember back when I first saw you art work. The first word that came to my mind and the first word that still comes to my mind whenever I see your art is: Kawaii! Looking back at your art, you've come so far and improved so much!!! //so proud of you //hugs!!! <333 And I'm so proud that you've finally reached 100 Watchers! c: You deserve so much more though and you definitely deserve a compliment! Sorry I'm not really good at writing these sort of things, but I really want you to know, you're an amazing artist! And I really can't wait to see how much more you'll improve and your future works!!! ilysm!!! <333 Keep up the great work! c:

Dear happy7111 ,
I don't know how i can explain how i feel about you,
you're a really good friend,an amazing person,helpful,kind,funny and just, i can't describe.
you're so beautiful and sweet,you always make my day and make me smile,you always take my depression away and make me happy,i remember when we first met,it was weird,we rarely even spoke to eachother,i'd just go to you and just pretty much act rude and stupid ????,but now i regret all that,look at us right now,we're like brothers and sisters,if i didn't talk to you daily,i'd just lose myself and go crazy,you're a person that i really never want to leave behind,i love you sister.
Promise me that'll always be together ? uvu

-Apharelle - Your proud brother.

To my dear friends:
I would like to thank you all for making my time in deviantArt a blessing. My thanks goes to a few people I'd like to mention:
-Nebula-Night -> Thanks so much for being my first watcher and complementing things on my art! I owe you a lot of Favourites I can never catch up!
-ReachtheSkies -> Thanks so much for the watch, comments, favourites and support! You really motivated me. Thanks for being a good friend in dA and your blogs!
-AngelicaCrystal -> Thanks so much for being a good friend in dA! Thanks for the compliment too!
- The-Devious-Wolf -> Thanks so much for being my friend in dA and your blogs.
-SlurExe97 -> Thanks for being nice to me! Thanks for the ideas!
-swimmerchamp -> You may not be active lately, but you're a good friend!
-LeaGladstone -> We've been good friends in dA! Thanks!

Thanks for all the support! I'd like to give a special shout-out to Lord-of-Chimeras for all the support! Thanks, guys!

I want to thank AmzyTheChangeling and Kano-Desu for helping me out all those years ago. You guys are the most amazing artists ever.
Kano, or whatever you would like me to call you X3 I still call you Angel, you're an amazing artist and person. And I thank you for being such a nice friend~
Amzy, you helped me a lot, and I thank you for that. I love talking to you when I have a chance. You're so funny and awesome.
So thanks you two!


Ay mate, I just wanted to say that you're an incredible person who is amazingly rad and awesome! No words can really describe how cool you really are. uwu You're really fun to talk to and you never cease to make me laugh or giggle. (Wow that sounds cheesy //shot) But damn, you're seriously fun. :hug:
 Lurve :heart:

Hiyukee You're practically the best person to ever appear in my life, and I really mean it. You always pick me up when I'm down, and always stay by my side. A true person is someone who always has total feeling for each other, and I would definetly count you in that section. You're the biggest highlights if my life and will always always stay with you until the very end, I swear on my life. If I wasn't for you, I would've just gave up on everything that happened to me lately, but since you're here, and always will be, I'm the luckiest, happiest, guy in the whole world.

Stay awesome. :D

-Mr. Moon.;)

MCGoldYoshi Just wanted to say thank you for being an awesome buddy. You always comment on my stuff and/or sometimes favorite it. You have such a funny an unique personality! Always staying cheerful, and positive! You also have quite a way with markers! Never seen anyone pull of such skill with those! Love it!

-A certain monkey friend. ;)

MarioGamer2000 Very unique gallery? Check. An awesome guy? Check. Total awesome friend? Check. Nothing else can be described if how awesome you are. You're one if the first members I met on here, and have zero regrets whatsoever. An awesome guy like you should always keep up the awesome with you're awesomeness work! Sorry for sounding like a broken record! ;)

awholelotofflowers, you are such a beautiful person and an amazing writer! You have always been so supportive, talented, and inspiring! I am so grateful to have met you and look forward to the stories we will write and create together! :heart:

You are one of the most creatives and amazing person I know. You have always helped me so much and I can't thank you enough. Thank you so much for being there for me and for all the help you have given me! :) You are one of my best friends ever, on her in dA and in FF! Thank you so much for being there for me! :D


You have always been one of best friends! :D You are amazing, creative and strong! :) I look up to you, and you have taught me how to be strong! :) You will always be someone very dear to me and all thought we don't speak as offend as we used to you will always be one of my bestest friends ever! :D


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Skin by SimplySilent

About me!

Hey! My penname is Rayne and I am a writer! I'm currently working on two chapter stories!

I have a story called The Loudest Echoes, which I am working on alone, and am very proud that it has gotten as far as it has!

I also roleplay! In fact, I love roleplaying! If you'd like to roleplay with me, leave me a note!

I also have a story called Strangely Beautiful! Which has also gotten just as far in the short time I've been writing it!

I'm a poet as well if you couldn't tell by my gallerythanks for that, DFC!!!!

I'm really into music! In fact, my dream in life is to be a recording artist! I'm currently in the chorus program of my school and loving every day of it! Winter has passed and we just went on our Busch Gardens trip! I enjoyed every bit of it and even rode my first roller coaster. It was incredibly funI thought I was going to die!

I have a few friends who you can also find on deviantart!

:iconcelestialmemories: MY BROSEPH! Who is a writer, working on prose works as well as occasional poetry! Her work is definitely worth a look! If you watch closely you'll see us fighting because secretly we hate each other! AND I WILL DESTROY HER SQUIRTLE SQUAD WITH MY METAPOD ARMY!

:iconbluezbreakr: I don't really have a lot of conversation with Brent. But when I do, it always involves Kalliope and whatever weird topic we're on at that moment.

:iconintricately-ordinary: Who is also a writer! A poet, she is! She writes amazing poetry that has left my mind awake at night wondering about the beautiful selection of words she uses! Also worth a look!

I spend a lot of my time on skype with Kalliope(CelestialMemories)! We've watched a lot of movies and TV shows lately. All of which have been either disgusting or horrible. Really. We watched Birdemic. Don't know what that is? Go look it up, watch five minutes of it and get back to me so I can tell you we also watched Birdemic 2.

I Support DarkusRayne by CelestialMemories DA compliments stamp,updated and animated by tea-cup-duck
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Dilara Kazimova - Start a Fire

In memory of Azerbaijan's acrobat because you know she dead after their performance.


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