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We'd lived here for a long time, being forced to move when my siblings and I were only eight years old. I remember the crown ordering guards to force us into the woods to find a place to build shelter. They gave us necessary supplies for a week's survival and left us to die of exposure. But my Father was quick on his feet, building the small cottage we call home, in a matter of days. Of course, since then Gaia has been able to add on to it, giving us a larger living room and separating the girls' room from ours. Which was for the best. Their tastes were much too bright for my liking.

But what possibly made our living conditions terrible was that my Father wasn't around for a lot of things. He was constantly called away on missions. His pay wasn't adequate, however. Not a single citizen of the "great" kingdom of Valer didn't know about Renian Demonis, the warrior who was famed for defeating opponents with a single strike from his scythe. But the crown, a man named Tritan at the time, knew of the supposed destiny of my siblings and I and refused to pay my father enough to be able to send us anywhere else, forcing my mother to become a merchant.

She began a garden and worked hard to bring in food year-round, even in the winter months, with my help of course. She normally took Senterra with her to Valer to sell what we had grown, but often times she would take a different sibling. I remember the hopeful glances people gave me whenever she would take me with her. So many unfamiliar eyes that hoped I was here for them, but I just wanted to sell some fruit.

Though not all of the looks I got were based from the hope that one day I would save them. A girl about a year younger than me would always hang around our stand and keep me company while my mother was busy selling our produce. We quickly became friends. But not long after, we became more. I would often tag along with my mother and Senterra so I could see this girl again.

However, I was seen as too much of a threat to be allowed even inside the kingdom walls. Thus, I knew the real reason as to why my sister was taken over everyone else. An ability that held no offensive capabilities, unlike mine. Though I would still see this girl. We'd meet at the halfway point in the woods to stare up at the stars until the sky turned blue with the sun.

"It's kind of sweet, though! Nova has his own little--" My sister, Senterra, begins, but is interrupted by Shade.

"Dog?" He laughs loudly.

"Shade... who let you out of your cage?" Pandora counters, hitting him on the nose with a newspaper.

"I was gonna say--" Senterra tries to fix her sentence, but is interrupted yet again.

"At least he's happy! Unlike our little miserable waste of space." Gaia snickers towards Shade, who stomps off angrily to our shared room.

"Light! I was going to say light!" Senterra screams, sinking into our dad's large comfy chair.

"That little bird she carries around is weird, though. Can we agree on that?" Pandora asks, but I shake my head slightly.

"He's pretty funny." I say chuckling. It's true! The bird has a personality all its own! Her pet--or familiar, if you will--is a hawk that she has named Klimmek.

"If Kalliope ever visits us, that bird has to stay outside!" Shade calls from the room. Kalliope is the name of the girl I have fallen for.

"I'd put him outside before the bird." Sheath mutters.

"I heard that!" Shade yells from the room.

"Good!" Sometimes the bickering between my siblings was funny, though many times it was tedious and counter-productive.

"Children, please!" My mother begs as she walks in the door. Her hands are empty, but we can hear the coins in her pocket.

"You sold them all?" Senterra asks, clearly surprised.

"I sure did! You should have seen their faces! What did we do different this time?" She asks, looking to Pandora, Senterra, and I.

"I planted Iriglacia around the garden and trees to keep the soil clean." Senterra proudly announces. Iriglacia flowers are one of the most precious flowers on our entire known planet. If used right, it can heal the most fatal wounds. But it has other uses too! Ones that aren't related to the people. In fact, we still don't know many of its uses. Though we do know it keeps the soil clean and pure, making for delicious fruits and vegetables.

"We'll need to keep track of those, won't we." My mother smiles, patting Senterra on the head. "Any word from your Father?"

"Yeah." I speak up, grabbing the envelope off the kitchen table. "Courier came this morning. It's addressed to you, so we didn't open it."

"Be sure to tell us all the details of Devera!" Senterra, who still has high hopes that the settlement is beautiful, calls out to Mom as she goes to her room with the letter.

"I wonder why she didn't read it out here." Gaia wonders aloud, scratching his head.

"Sparing our ears, I'm assuming." Sheath laughs. Our father was renown for his spontaneous actions. The letter would likely leave mom flustered.

"He has a way with words." Senterra begins, bouncing in the large chair. "You've seen Dad's poems! The love letters he wrote to Mom! They left her speechless!" Senterra defends. Her innocence just makes me chuckle.

"I don't think that's what Sheath meant, Senterra." I laugh, running my fingers through my hair. It was getting to be mid-day. We'd be training soon and I wasn't ready for it.

"Oh... Well what else would she have meant?" We all laugh at Senterra's obliviousness. She's easily the purest of us. Our laughter is short-lived as we're all shaken immediately as explosions sound off from Valer. As we run outside we can see the fire in the sky. Mom runs out close behind us.

"Those damn rebels!" Mom shouts, shaking her head. "Disrupting the peace. You'd think Valer would have crushed them by now."

"I don't know." Senterra begins. "The leader seems adamant. They're a small group, but they're really strong. They have to be. I wonder what drove them this far."

"Whatever it was... Let's just hope it stays the hell away from us." Aqua says, placing her OceanBow on her back. I hadn't realized that everyone had run outside armed. It's sad, but that's our life now.

"Don't let it distract you." Senterra says cheerily. "It's time to train!"
Divinity, Chapter 1
And here is Chapter 1 of our Raining Blood re-write! I hope you enjoy this story as it's really fun for us to be able to go back to our roots and correctly re-tell this story for you! Thank you so much for reading! 
In my many lives, I've never seen fire fall, though in each life I have been told that one day it would fall just for me. A sky of fire seems dismal at first, but the very idea of a single element crashing down just for you always seemed to excite me. That is, until I learned of what was to become of me.

Valer. A thriving kingdom full of the nicest people... that is, until the rebellions began. I had not heard much about the rebels, only that the leaders were exactly like me and my siblings. Immortal. Able to die, but cursed to return to this life. The way the story had been told, they'd already died seven times in attempt to take out the crown. But this time, it was different, they weren't alone. A small rag-tag group had been attacking the crown's guard. To my knowledge, they had been succeeding.

"You kids are sixteen!" My mother calls out from inside our humble little cottage home. "You think you'd willingly help your mother with the chores by now!" She laughs to herself. We helped many times, but today felt different and she knew why. Today, our father has left on a mission into the woods. A settlement by the name of Devera has sprung to life in a matter of days. They claim that they owe their success to the goddess Xandria.

"I wonder how it looks, it's probably beautiful!" My sister, Senterra, says. Her short blonde hair slightly in tangles from today's training.

"How nice can it really be? It just popped up, this goddess is probably just a hoax." My brother, Shade, argues. He's never been one to agree with the bright sides, earning him a lot of disrespect from all six of his siblings, including me. That's right, my family is well-known for being large. Seven kids, three boys and four girls. We've all been gifted with special powers that have made the people of Valer convinced that we are the legendary demi-god siblings that are renown as protectors of our planet, Demonia. We very well could be, we know nothing of our previous lives, only that we've always been together, and we've lived more than thirty lives.

First, there is Sheath. She has been granted a power unlike any other. A power so strong that, even though we have yet to figure out what it is, she has already been accepted into an elite force that is designed to keep the spirits of Demonia at a manageable number. She is what is called a Reaper. Unsure how to train her abilities, she spars with me on a daily basis. Her weapon of choice is a katana that she has named Sakabato. Its hilt is unordinary as it's a flute as well. She claims it is so she can bid spirits a peaceful farewell.

Next, there is Aqua. She is an expertly trained--by my father--archer. Able to hit anything without much of an aim. Though, she's shot many of us with arrows in the learning process. She's been gifted with the incredible ability of water manipulation. She's so trained in this, that she can create arrows out of water and, somehow, this is still a mystery to me, make them as hard as steel, piercing her targets with ease before dispersing and falling to the ground, leaving no trace of it being there. Aqua would never run out of ammo for her bow that has been aptly named OceanBow.

Pandora. Quite possibly the most terrifying of all of my siblings, she has been granted with the power to manipulate forestry. A single word from her can grow an entire garden. That's not the scariest part, either. Her weapon of choice? A double-bladed scythe that she calls Kazakama. She's nearly decapitated all of us at least once.

Then there is Gaia. A scrawny weak-looking runt that can shatter your skull with a tap of his finger. He's been taught to be careful with his power. He claims it's like a switch, that he can turn off whenever he pleases. While his physical strength is easily the scariest thing about him, he has another power. A slight form of earth manipulation. It isn't as strong as his other ability, but he's been able to create several hills in our backyard. His weapon of choice is the deadly warhammer. A large scythe-like weapon that has no blades, just blunt edges that resemble a hammer.

Let's not forget Senterra. A beautiful, loving girl who has the healing touch of an angel. She's mastered what has been called the medic ability. She can heal any wound with a slight touch or a mumbled word. She's also able to create tangible illusions of us, her siblings, with chants. She has three weapons, which were given to her by my mother, Nelia, The axes of Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. She can control them with her thoughts and has even succeeded in hurling them through the air fast enough to create domes to protect her.

Now, we can try to forget Shade. An arrogant know-it-all who doesn't know when to shut up. Despite this, we tolerate him... sometimes. His power is unknown to us, which leads us to believe he doesn't have one at all. His weapon of choice is one given to him by my father, Renian, Tenscythe. The ten bladed scythe that only my father has been known to master. With enough concentration, Shade can split the scythe apart and attack with ten tiny scythe blades at will. Though, he isn't very good with it as of now.

And last, but hopefully not least, is me. My name is Nova and I can control the element of fire. Lava rises at my very command... Or, at least it will! Soon... I'm not so good at my ability just yet. I can summon fire at will, but not for very long. My weapon is what I like to call Zanbato! A double-bladed sword that was given to me by our grandfather. With enough energy, one side ignites into flames, and the other can control the element of water, though I can't do that very well either. Despite the praises from my siblings, I know my struggles.

We make up the Demonis family. A family forced outside of Valer by the very crown that is supposed to protect us. We're thought to be a menace from eons ago. The very people, coupled with eight others, that brought a great enemy to Demonia, the alien planet of Planetesria, which nearly destroyed Demonia before their planet drifted away from us. Even though, I can't confirm or deny their suspicions, I can't help but wonder how Valer will react when it rains fire once again.
Divinity, Prologue
IT HAS FINALLY HAPPENED! With RayneHaos and I finally getting halfway through "Raining Blood"'s sequel, we finally decided to start Raining Blood's re-write. This is it. Notice anything different?

That's right! Which a change in how the story will be told, we decided to change the title from Raining Blood to Divinity! As well as change the story's POV to Nova Demonis, the formerly silent warrior who has a bit more depth to him than any of you may think! We sincerely hope you're enjoying this really crazy ride with us, we know it's been a bit of a rollercoaster, and this is our attempt to patch it up with more than duct tape this time. 

So we invite you to join us again for the CORRECT telling of story of Demonia! We hope to see you along for the journey.

deviantART Compliments #136

Wed Sep 24, 2014, 6:16 PM by LuminescentRayne:iconluminescentrayne:

dA Compliments

More compliments sent in by wonderful members of the community!

:iconflyingheartsplz: :icondacompliments: :iconflyingheartsplz:

To: AuricIcarus
Your the best friend I've ever had in this site,No one could replace that.We both known each for more than 8 months,and I really enjoyed every single memory with you.
I'm happy to find a friend like you that I can be myself,it's not like any others which is awkward.
I feel touched from the birthday gifts you made,and the things you did for me as a friend..I never really thought I would meet someone as amazing like you...
Even though we have 12 hours time different but that doesn't mean this friendship can't continue.
I can't even imagine where I would be today if it weren't for you who have given me a heart full of joy.♥♥
Your art is wonderful and astounding!I love how you put your effort into it!
I'm always jealous of how your adoptables are getting people's attention,I mean your creativity are just so amazing and creative!
Your a great inspiration to me,I remembered the first time you made me a gift because I put you in my inspiration box.I was shocked and stunned to see an amazing artist like you to make such a lovely gift ♥♥
Thank you for everything.♥
I love you Jelly-kun.
Also,i'm sincerely sorry for the things that you've been through with me,for all the bad things.

We've known each other for 8-10 months am I right?
Haha,I can't tell how much I tell you that I love you girl!Your an amazing friend with amazing skills of traditional art!Your character and style are just worth dying for!Cute,adorable and innocent!
It's really amazing that we became friends,i'm blessed.
I appreciate for all the gifts and things that your have given me as a friend.
Thank you my Bleu Bleu ♥♥♥️

To: Ztreng7H
Babe,have I ever tell you that i'm in love with your artworks?Huh?!Have I?!
Haha,i'm sure you did!Amazing job on everything details you put!Even though it was doodles or sketches it was still amazing like you!
Sometimes i'm worried and concern about you..Not saying that you can't take care of your self but I just wanted to keep an eye for you..
I really care about you ♥️
And your a sweet person with a nice personality ♥️
Keep up the good work cos your awesome and fabulous!♥️

CometPastels, Nebula-Night, rainbow000pegasus,
all of you are beautiful and amazing.
Never give up on your dreams, and never give up on who you are.
You all let me in, when I couldn't figure out myself.
Thank you for everything, thank you.


Sotoro has been one of the kindest and most generous artists I have seen so far on deviantART. Over the years, I've had the pleasure of watching her art grow and improve.
Keep it up, Sotoro!

thank you Hugger-Luver xXSepty-ChanXx ToxicWaffleWizard Fluttershy-iscute
BluePegasister and all f the others who supported me :heart:
I really appreciate you standing by my side in the hard times I love you all :3

- a friend

Princess-Peachie seems like the ideal friend. She loves so many things that I love so we have a lot of common interest, but she's also kind, sweet and caring with a good sense of humour. She stays loyal and true to her friends and won't just 'drop you' as a friend if/when it suits her. It seems once you're friends with Peachie you're properly friends forever, and I could really do with one of those right now.
I've admired Peachie's artwork and personality for a long time, I first started looking at her work before I even joined DeviantART and I've always secretly wished that she could be my friend but I've never really felt worthy enough to be her friend.

Hey hey hey omgalreadyatahorriblestart
You are such a Awesome person,Honestly.Your comments on my stupidity makes me smile, Like Shell!But Really.I'm So glad that I interacted with you and vise versa for now, We are Moirails.
Our dorky Homestuck Humor is just wow


You are a truly amazing addition to the deviantART community. Thank you! Those two words are words I can't say enough--thank you. I don't speak just for myself--I'm sure everyone else thinks so too. You might not have helped me personally, but a 'thank you' is the least of what you deserve. Very few people have the heart that you do, because I've never seen another person care so greatly about everyone so deeply.
The deviantART compliments group (and the form that I'm typing in this in) is something that just speaks about you. You're a dear. And even though that I'm over a thousand miles away, I want to tell you these two words, even if they're small.
"Thank you!"
And to everyone behind this project, such as Kezzi-Rose and the others, thank you too!
I want this compliment to express the voices you can't hear.
I want you to know how much I appreciate this--how much everyone appreciates this--and how much I aspire to be just as much of a help as you are someday. I'm not quite there yet, but I'll keep trying, because you all are such inspirations.
This compliment might sound a little cheesy, and even if it doesn't get posted... I just want to tell you, thank you.
Thank you so much.

One of the faces in the crowd.

I write today to a very special Literature community deviant. His name is Ricky - chromeantennae
What makes chromeantennae so very special is his generosity and kindness. His heart is so massive, and there is not a day that goes by that he is not doing everything he can to show others just how much he appreciates and loves them. From creative features, random acts of kindness, community projects, group support and inspiring journals -- he has a heart of gold and truly deserves the recognition for it.
In the short time Ricky has impacted my life -- on DeviantART and beyond, I have felt his tenderness and warmth. I truly feel that selfless, loving deviants like him are the reason I consider DeviantART my second home. He serves as a positive example to others on a daily basis. For these reasons, he deserves to be acknowledged and complimented. Deviants like Ricky are a rare blessing, beautiful in all they do -- in making a difference everyday.
Thank you for everything, dearheart.

All my love,

doodle? *falls over and explodes* more like masterpiece! what is this favourite "doodle" of yours, then?
I am gladdened that my words bring comfort into your life, you can look forward to me piping in every now and then with something kind to say c:

best wishes with your life! xoxoxo

everyone should go and give their love to Detachments for being awesome! they always draw the loveliest things.

You are awesome! I love your art very very very much and your chibis are adorable. I really hope you get to do some personal art after you finish your to do list :) keep up the good work!

To OfOneSoul,
You are super amazing and you do so much for the community! I love you and I love your writing and I love how generous you are to everyone you meet! You are one of the nicest people ever, and I aspire to be as awesome and as great of a writer as you! So many exclamation points!


Dear SavageFrog,
You are the coolest of DA's cool catz. I always enjoy our conversations and really appreciate you talking to me again despite my disturbingly long absence. ^^; You're such a fun, beautiful, fantastic person and will always be the Frogson to my Oneslock!!! :stare: :heart:

You are one of the most fantastic artists I have had the pleasure to work with on this site. Remember how I told you about my bad experiences with commissioning artists in the past??? And then I met you. I don't even remember how - but we met, and I'm grateful. No ones brings my OCs to life like you. After that first painting you did of Fayodin & Arethusa... and then that cover of Aiden & Gust?! Holy moley, sweetheart... you are one word: AMAZING. :heart:

You have been such a sweetheart! Since my return to DA, there's one name I've seen on my work, my polls, and my journals... yours. You're an amazing and supportive friend and a talented writer. And thanks for not killing me for never watching "The Princess Bride". :stare: :heart:

Normally I like to write these things anonymously, but this one is quite specific--there's no way she wouldn't figure out who it is. draecana is an absolutely wonderful person and I've really enjoyed working with her on the New Artist Highlight at LitRecognition for the last couple of months. She's always really positive and friendly and gave me such a warm welcome when I joined the team. I couldn't ask for a better partner to work with and I'm pleased to call her my friend here on dA. :heart:

hopeburnsblue is a total sweetheart. I greatly admire her writing--as well as her strength and kindness as a person. She is a true inspiration!

Insifais is a writer who I wish I'd discovered a long time ago. His stories are superbly detailed and deeply insightful without losing the perfect pacing every writer should strive for. I highly recommend his work.

IrrevocableFate just does so much for the literature community here, can we give her a HUGE round of applause, please?! I appreciate her detailed articles outlining every notable thing going on and her general enthusiasm. I have yet to see one negative word from her. :heart:

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