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Weekly Feature!

My weekly features are currently down until further notice. Don't let that stop you from suggesting people, though! They'll be at the top of my list when I have the time to get it back up and running! Thank you!

Series Unknown

A long while ago, me and my best friend, CelestialMemories created a group! Series-Unknown Though she's done most of the work, I get involved as much as I can. We've started a monthly challenge!

This group is for you writers out there! Ones who write really long stories and/or chapter works! We plan to have several contests and challenges when we get in working order, so come check us out! We'd love to have you in our group!

This month's Fiction Writing Exercise

Sell Your Story

Here's the scene, you have been invited to pitch your story, any story, to the top Publishing Companies in the world. They wanna hear what you're writing about/what you will write about. It's time to bring your A-Game and show them what you can write!

In 100-200 words, pitch your story/plot idea in the best possible way you can. This does not have to be a story that you are currently writing, it could just be an idea that has been lingering in your head.

Please :note: the group (Series-Unknown) with this FWE as this exercise will be a little different.

In the last week of April, the admins will be posting the entries in their journals anonymously and readers of the journals will vote on the winner. Please do not put the title in your entry just in case people might recognize your book and vote for it on favoritism.

On May 1st the winner will be announced!

The winner of this FWE will receive a 3 month Premium Membership

NOTE: Please do not notify your +WATCHers of the vote when journals are released, through the mention system if I see an announcement asking for your watchers to vote for you, the entry will be disqualified. You are welcome to invite your +WATCHers to join without mentioning which entry is yours.

Channel your inner Anthony Sullivan or Billy Mays and get to pitching!

STORY TIME! <s>shameless self-advertising</s> 

1 deviant said :iconraynehaos: is writing the sequel to Raining Blood
No deviants said It's pretty easy to follow, even if you haven't read the 1st book!
No deviants said Give her a watch, llama, or just read the prologue! Every view means so much to us!
No deviants said End of shameless self-advertising


deviantART Compliments #136

Wed Sep 24, 2014, 6:16 PM by LuminescentRayne:iconluminescentrayne:

dA Compliments

More compliments sent in by wonderful members of the community!

:iconflyingheartsplz: :icondacompliments: :iconflyingheartsplz:

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To: XRomeoKnight
Your the best friend I've ever had in this site,No one could replace that.We both known each for more than 8 months,and I really enjoyed every single memory with you.
I'm happy to find a friend like you that I can be myself,it's not like any others which is awkward.
I feel touched from the birthday gifts you made,and the things you did for me as a friend..I never really thought I would meet someone as amazing like you...
Even though we have 12 hours time different but that doesn't mean this friendship can't continue.
I can't even imagine where I would be today if it weren't for you who have given me a heart full of joy.♥♥
Your art is wonderful and astounding!I love how you put your effort into it!
I'm always jealous of how your adoptables are getting people's attention,I mean your creativity are just so amazing and creative!
Your a great inspiration to me,I remembered the first time you made me a gift because I put you in my inspiration box.I was shocked and stunned to see an amazing artist like you to make such a lovely gift ♥♥
Thank you for everything.♥
I love you Jelly-kun.
Also,i'm sincerely sorry for the things that you've been through with me,for all the bad things.

We've known each other for 8-10 months am I right?
Haha,I can't tell how much I tell you that I love you girl!Your an amazing friend with amazing skills of traditional art!Your character and style are just worth dying for!Cute,adorable and innocent!
It's really amazing that we became friends,i'm blessed.
I appreciate for all the gifts and things that your have given me as a friend.
Thank you my Bleu Bleu ♥♥♥️

To: Ztreng7H
Babe,have I ever tell you that i'm in love with your artworks?Huh?!Have I?!
Haha,i'm sure you did!Amazing job on everything details you put!Even though it was doodles or sketches it was still amazing like you!
Sometimes i'm worried and concern about you..Not saying that you can't take care of your self but I just wanted to keep an eye for you..
I really care about you ♥️
And your a sweet person with a nice personality ♥️
Keep up the good work cos your awesome and fabulous!♥️

AngelicaCrystal, Nebula-Night, rainbow000pegasus,
all of you are beautiful and amazing.
Never give up on your dreams, and never give up on who you are.
You all let me in, when I couldn't figure out myself.
Thank you for everything, thank you.


Sotoro has been one of the kindest and most generous artists I have seen so far on deviantART. Over the years, I've had the pleasure of watching her art grow and improve.
Keep it up, Sotoro!

thank you Hugger-Luver xXSeptemberXx thedalekdude Fluttershy-iscute
BluePegasister and all f the others who supported me :heart:
I really appreciate you standing by my side in the hard times I love you all :3

- a friend

Princess-Peachie seems like the ideal friend. She loves so many things that I love so we have a lot of common interest, but she's also kind, sweet and caring with a good sense of humour. She stays loyal and true to her friends and won't just 'drop you' as a friend if/when it suits her. It seems once you're friends with Peachie you're properly friends forever, and I could really do with one of those right now.
I've admired Peachie's artwork and personality for a long time, I first started looking at her work before I even joined DeviantART and I've always secretly wished that she could be my friend but I've never really felt worthy enough to be her friend.

Hey hey hey omgalreadyatahorriblestart
You are such a Awesome person,Honestly.Your comments on my stupidity makes me smile, Like Shell!But Really.I'm So glad that I interacted with you and vise versa for now, We are Moirails.
Our dorky Homestuck Humor is just wow


You are a truly amazing addition to the deviantART community. Thank you! Those two words are words I can't say enough--thank you. I don't speak just for myself--I'm sure everyone else thinks so too. You might not have helped me personally, but a 'thank you' is the least of what you deserve. Very few people have the heart that you do, because I've never seen another person care so greatly about everyone so deeply.
The deviantART compliments group (and the form that I'm typing in this in) is something that just speaks about you. You're a dear. And even though that I'm over a thousand miles away, I want to tell you these two words, even if they're small.
"Thank you!"
And to everyone behind this project, such as Kezzi-Rose and the others, thank you too!
I want this compliment to express the voices you can't hear.
I want you to know how much I appreciate this--how much everyone appreciates this--and how much I aspire to be just as much of a help as you are someday. I'm not quite there yet, but I'll keep trying, because you all are such inspirations.
This compliment might sound a little cheesy, and even if it doesn't get posted... I just want to tell you, thank you.
Thank you so much.

One of the faces in the crowd.

I write today to a very special Literature community deviant. His name is Ricky - chromeantennae
What makes chromeantennae so very special is his generosity and kindness. His heart is so massive, and there is not a day that goes by that he is not doing everything he can to show others just how much he appreciates and loves them. From creative features, random acts of kindness, community projects, group support and inspiring journals -- he has a heart of gold and truly deserves the recognition for it.
In the short time Ricky has impacted my life -- on DeviantART and beyond, I have felt his tenderness and warmth. I truly feel that selfless, loving deviants like him are the reason I consider DeviantART my second home. He serves as a positive example to others on a daily basis. For these reasons, he deserves to be acknowledged and complimented. Deviants like Ricky are a rare blessing, beautiful in all they do -- in making a difference everyday.
Thank you for everything, dearheart.

All my love,

doodle? *falls over and explodes* more like masterpiece! what is this favourite "doodle" of yours, then?
I am gladdened that my words bring comfort into your life, you can look forward to me piping in every now and then with something kind to say c:

best wishes with your life! xoxoxo

everyone should go and give their love to Detachments for being awesome! they always draw the loveliest things.

You are awesome! I love your art very very very much and your chibis are adorable. I really hope you get to do some personal art after you finish your to do list :) keep up the good work!

To OfOneSoul,
You are super amazing and you do so much for the community! I love you and I love your writing and I love how generous you are to everyone you meet! You are one of the nicest people ever, and I aspire to be as awesome and as great of a writer as you! So many exclamation points!


Dear SavageFrog,
You are the coolest of DA's cool catz. I always enjoy our conversations and really appreciate you talking to me again despite my disturbingly long absence. ^^; You're such a fun, beautiful, fantastic person and will always be the Frogson to my Oneslock!!! :stare: :heart:

You are one of the most fantastic artists I have had the pleasure to work with on this site. Remember how I told you about my bad experiences with commissioning artists in the past??? And then I met you. I don't even remember how - but we met, and I'm grateful. No ones brings my OCs to life like you. After that first painting you did of Fayodin & Arethusa... and then that cover of Aiden & Gust?! Holy moley, sweetheart... you are one word: AMAZING. :heart:

You have been such a sweetheart! Since my return to DA, there's one name I've seen on my work, my polls, and my journals... yours. You're an amazing and supportive friend and a talented writer. And thanks for not killing me for never watching "The Princess Bride". :stare: :heart:

Normally I like to write these things anonymously, but this one is quite specific--there's no way she wouldn't figure out who it is. draecana is an absolutely wonderful person and I've really enjoyed working with her on the New Artist Highlight at LitRecognition for the last couple of months. She's always really positive and friendly and gave me such a warm welcome when I joined the team. I couldn't ask for a better partner to work with and I'm pleased to call her my friend here on dA. :heart:

hopeburnsblue is a total sweetheart. I greatly admire her writing--as well as her strength and kindness as a person. She is a true inspiration!

Insifais is a writer who I wish I'd discovered a long time ago. His stories are superbly detailed and deeply insightful without losing the perfect pacing every writer should strive for. I highly recommend his work.

IrrevocableFate just does so much for the literature community here, can we give her a HUGE round of applause, please?! I appreciate her detailed articles outlining every notable thing going on and her general enthusiasm. I have yet to see one negative word from her. :heart:

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Skin by SimplySilent

About me!

Hey! My penname is Rayne and I am a writer! I'm currently working on two chapter stories!

I have a story called The Loudest Echoes, which I am working on alone, and am very proud that it has gotten as far as it has!

I also roleplay! In fact, I love roleplaying! If you'd like to roleplay with me, leave me a note!

I also have a story called Strangely Beautiful! Which has also gotten just as far in the short time I've been writing it!

I'm a poet as well if you couldn't tell by my gallerythanks for that, DFC!!!!

I'm really into music! In fact, my dream in life is to be a recording artist! I'm currently in the chorus program of my school and loving every day of it! Winter has passed and we just went on our Busch Gardens trip! I enjoyed every bit of it and even rode my first roller coaster. It was incredibly funI thought I was going to die!

I have a few friends who you can also find on deviantart!

:iconcelestialmemories: MY BROSEPH! Who is a writer, working on prose works as well as occasional poetry! Her work is definitely worth a look! If you watch closely you'll see us fighting because secretly we hate each other! AND I WILL DESTROY HER SQUIRTLE SQUAD WITH MY METAPOD ARMY!

:iconbluezbreakr: I don't really have a lot of conversation with Brent. But when I do, it always involves Kalliope and whatever weird topic we're on at that moment.

:iconintricately-ordinary: Who is also a writer! A poet, she is! She writes amazing poetry that has left my mind awake at night wondering about the beautiful selection of words she uses! Also worth a look!

I spend a lot of my time on skype with Kalliope(CelestialMemories)! We've watched a lot of movies and TV shows lately. All of which have been either disgusting or horrible. Really. We watched Birdemic. Don't know what that is? Go look it up, watch five minutes of it and get back to me so I can tell you we also watched Birdemic 2.

I Support DarkusRayne by CelestialMemories DA compliments stamp,updated and animated by tea-cup-duck
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Song of the week!

Dilara Kazimova - Start a Fire

In memory of Azerbaijan's acrobat because you know she dead after their performance.


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